Drupal is big in The Netherlands. Belgium, where Drupal started 13 years ago, is our neighbor and we speak (almost) the same language. The language barrier is comparable to the difference between US English and UK English. It's even so alike that the local community website ( 15 minutes shared with the Belgians ( Did you know that the second DrupalCon was organized in Amsterdam way back in 2005? The venue fitted 300 people, which is now even too small for the Trivia night!

We have a lot of Drupal meetups. Regular meetings include a Drupal Tech Talk, Drupal Café and Drupal beer meetups, which are held on a monthly base. The DrupalJam is the main yearly community event which attracts over 350 attendees. This event is organized by the Dutch Drupal foundation (Stichting Drupal Nederland) with assistance of a lot of volunteers.

Our local community with its active members will make DrupalCon Amsterdam rock. We have a team of volunteers working for months already to make this event the best DrupalCon ever. No spoilers yet, but be prepared for an event that you will never forget.

See you in Amsterdam!

Baris Wanschers
Chairman, Stichting Drupal Netherlands