Adyax Developer Contest

Adyax Developer Contest: Hacking a Drupal 8 Site


The goal is to be the first person to get access to non-public (unpublished content) with information about the prize.

There is a special website based on Drupal-8.x, prepared especially for this contest. On it, we left information about how to get the prize (a dedicated page).

The first one to gain access to this information will get the prize. The prize is only for the first person who accesses this page.

Others who get access to the prize info page won't get the prize – but we will publish a list of the 10 first people who succeeded.


  • The contest site is installed using a standard Drupal-8 profile
  • Account registration is enabled
  • No approval of accounts is required
  • Users can create posts
  • Access to the contest site is likely limited to conference WiFi network IPs
  • Tips about admin login/password will be published every hour until a winner is found.

Ways to win the competition

  • Exploiting a security hole in Drupal, (exploiting a hole in server software)
  • Brute-forcing Drupal's login and password of the site-administrator ( uid = 1) @important; we might need to completely disable Drupal's "brute force flood" protection

Check out the contest page for additional information on this exciting developer contest where you could win a Parrot AR Drone!

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Monday · 14:00-17:00
Upper Auditorium Lounge · Supporting Partners