Ansible and Drupal

Ansible is an invaluable tool for scripting the provisioning of servers and more. In partnership with Vagrant it enables you to build development environments that match your production environment.

Vlad ( is a Drupal setup for Vagrant and Ansible that builds a Drupal environment on a virtual box.

The purpose of this BOF is to pool experience and knowledge working with Drupal and Ansible.

The BOF will be organised by Dan Bohea and George Boobyer. Dan is a contributor to Vlad and we are hoping to have Philip Norton (Vlad's creator) attending remotely.

Please leave a comment if you aim to attend so that we can get a feel for how busy the session will be. Also feel free to leave suggestions for specific topics in the comments too.

Update #1

We're going to be giving away a copy of Jeff Geerling's marvellous eBook Ansible for DevOps (details TBA). Thanks Jeff!

Update #2

Jeff's also now offered to share a discount code for his eBook with all BOF attendees (25%). Attending this BOF will potentially save you money if nothing else :)

Emerald Lounge W
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 13:00-14:00


Using vlad with wmware, it would be interesting to share experiences with others. Count me in!