Business Process Modelling and Drupal workflow

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With rules, context, VBO and CRON we can cover about any linear business logic.
But what if we need iterations, feedback loops, flexibility and complex solutions?

Then we need a flexible and adaptable environment to facilitate dynamic and demanding work processes.

Rigid processes can be limiting and become the actors slowing down growth especially when they are hardcoded into the software.

A living Process enables you to beak the rigidity and empower your end users to be able to provide feedback and continuously improve the process.

Every change that the user requests can be integrated to create a lean process. The system is flexible to adapt to exceptions or changes in requirements:

-Ad hoc tasks not anticipated in the process model
-In-context feedback to the process owners for improvements
-Measurement and visualisation of key business indicators
-Real time configuration change on deployed processes.

Modern open source BPM tools are the missing tools in our chain.

For this BOF we need programers, business people, UX designers and enthusiasts to come together in order to determine if ready made BPM solutions can be properly integrated or a new solution should be built.

Off shelf open sources:
DIY approach with threenodejs?

G108 · Capgemini
Time slot: 
Thursday · 14:15-15:15