Coder vs. Themer: Fight Club

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In this follow-on session to Coder vs. Themer, a new challenger has entered the ring! You, the audience, will divide into groups of Coders, Themers, and PROJECT MANAGERS for the melee (Drupal) fight of a lifetime!

Join Coder ohthehugemanatee (Campbell Vertesi) and Themer scaragucc (Adam Juran) as we put different developer and project management methods to the test in the ring!

Race against the clock to build a site with your teammates in record time! Actually feel the difference between different team structures and collaboration styles, as you test them out for yourself! Be the first in the room to complete your layout on time and on "budget"!

You will have a lot of fun - and you will walk away with a new understanding of how to integrate development teams.

G110 · Actency
Time slot: 
Thursday · 13:00-14:00