Content Management Revolution (Atomic Design driven)

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* Say NO to Panels!
* Say NO to Plain text!
* Say NO to WYSIWYG!
* Say NO to Markdown!

Welcome to the new way of Content Management in Drupal!

I will guide you in the new concept called "Brickdown", which is aimed to get rid of all these crap with content management: panels, blocks, content types, fields, wysiwygs, templates etc.

The new concept is based on:

* Twig driven macros (database-stored)
* Two entity types for creating any content with any layout ("Stack" and "Brick")
* Field UI for manipulating and structurizing content
* WYSIWYG for formatting isolated text parts
* Inline editing

G111 · Adyax
Time slot: 
Thursday · 10:45-11:45