Drupal for Good (NGOs, activists, community organizers) meetup

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If you have ideas for things you'd like to see, please leave them in the comments. I'm intending to act as a facilitator, not a presenter.

Possible discussion topics

  • Nonprofit-oriented distributions: OpenAid, OpenOutreach, Campaignion, AbleOrganizer, Engage, others?
  • Nonprofit staff/activists/organizers: Ask questions about how to get Drupal support, what are the best tools for the job, etc.
  • Drupal developers and consultants: Share notes about how to work in the nonprofit/social good space, network with freelancers and shops specializing in "Drupal for good" work, collaborate on projects that can contribute back to the community.
  • Offer case studies of interesting "Drupal for good" projects or websites.
  • Talk about upcoming NGO- or activist-specific Drupal events, summits, meetups, etc.
  • Talk about how we can use the groups.drupal.org groups Drupal for Activists, Organizers, and Social Change and Drupal for Good and/or the #drupal-ngo room on IRC. What can/should we do with these? And does anyone want to co-maintain these groups with me (rootwork)?


G110 · Actency
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 15:45-16:45