Drupal Module Upgrader: Help collaborate on an automatic module porter from D7 to D8!

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Drupal Module Upgrader is a Drush plugin which scans the source of a Drupal 7 module, flags any code that requires updating to Drupal 8, points off to any relevant API change notices, and (where possible) will actually attempt to convert the Drupal 7 code automatically to the Drupal 8 version!

This BoF session will entail:

- A quick demo of how the script works
- A quick architectural walkthrough of how the pieces fit together
- The rest of the time on discussion/brainstorming about how best to get people involved in contributing upgrader plugins, and how to maintain this project over time.

In deference to the BoF guidelines, this is *not* a product pitch. The tool is freely available GPL code. The intent is to radically increase the velocity of module porters, thus ensuring a better successful Drupal 8 launch, but this requires wide-spread community awareness and involvement for that to happen.

NOTE that in an ideal world, phenaproxima, who's leading development efforts and will not be attending Amsterdam, would be able to participate/present remotely. So if this BoF is accepted, if it could be moved to a room with a projector, that would be ideal.

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Time slot: 
Wednesday · 15:45-16:45


I could participate in this remotely for sure, but one thing I should mention is that it's no longer accurate to say that DMU is built on top of CodeSniffer. It will integrate with it and utilize it to some degree, but it uses a couple of different strategies for converting modules. ;)

Great BoF! Everyone engaged with each other and the pharborist demo and explanation was great.

Also that we were able to bring people in via Hangout and other video was great.

Hangout needed more hats, moustaches, and tiaras!