Drupal Social Initiative (Social API)

This BoF is part of the Drupal Social Initiative looking at abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal.
Thursday, October 02, 2014 - 11:45 to 13:00 Room G108 · Capgemini

  • Provide a common interface to access common functions across multiple social networks. Making it easier for:
    • Developers to create and maintain social network integration modules.
    • Site builders to utilise social network integration modules that harmoniously work together.
    • Users to access social networks functionality.
  • Let's work on clarifying these objectives.
  • There are numerous modules for Drupal social networking integration.
    • Connecting with other networks
    • Pulling in content
    • Pushing out content
    • What else?

See the Abstracting Social Networking functionality in Drupal stack diagram.

Code review

  • We should be able to abstract these into a social networking API
    • OAuth for authorisation
    • Pluggable layer for
      • Notifications
      • Pulling in and using content
      • Posting to other networks
      • What else?

Future directions (need to add website links)

  • Federated social networking
    • WebID
    • OStatus
      • PubSubHubbub
    • OpenSocial
      • Portable Contacts
  • What else?

Use Cases

  • What do we want to be able to do with social networks?
    • Downloading friends' lists
    • Posting pages
    • What else?
G108 · Capgemini
Time slot: 
Thursday · 11:45-13:00