DrupalCon's first VR meetup! Try Oculus DK2 w/Leap Motion & Razer Hydra controllers

Providing my suitcase survives and arrives in the right place, I'll be bringing my Oculus DK2, Leap Motion (with Oculus attachment if it arrives in the post otherwise anyone got any tape time) and Razer Hydra 3D controllers so we can jack in and experience the latest in VR technology! Roller coasters galore!

Whilst we're doing that, let's chat about Drupal & VR. Having just built a back-end CMS & API for a large content provider Drupal is an ideal system for powering this kind of technology and making it super-simple for people to plug-in and visualise what they want in VR. Here's some initial ideas:

- for internal use, visualising code so you can see where bottlenecks are
- providing out-of-the box user & content management for large-scale VR apps connecting with "big data"
- team meetings etc.
- a 24/7 DrupalConVR!
- everything else we haven't though of yet

Feel free to bring your own kit if you have any, the more the merrrier!

G001 · Lingotek
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 17:00-18:00