Moving towards fully sharable content models with

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Drupal has well structured modular system for code but not for content. Until recently developers have assumed that content models were too varied to be sharable in any meaningful way. Now with RDFA in core, and modules being ported to Drupal 8 we have a framework for creating portable content types—and even complete portable content models.

Apart from solving migration problems and reducing field storage conflicts that cause fatal errors, portable content types and content models open up the possibility of fully modular content packages that do not conflict with one another and even share fields.

Just having modules is not a complete solution to the problem. We need to explore ideas for how field storage conflicts will be handled and how content models that include both the content types and their entity references can be packaged. All of this needs to be thought through with the site-builders workflow and user journey as a starting point

Let's discuss what that all of this means for Drupal and the future of site building.

G110 · Actency
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Thursday · 14:15-15:15