Open Drupal & the Drupal Apprenticeships programme

Come and join myself, Crispin Read and others to learn more about what we have upto this year.

Our work has resulted in 6 apprentice Drupal developers being trained up with our open source curriculum and they are now employed in digital agencies and publishing companies.

Open Drupal

Free and Open Source training materials for teaching and learning Drupal

We are building an Open Source curriculum. With cooperation from developers, educators and the community, we are creating high quality, free and Open Source training materials to make it easier to run effective Drupal training programmes.
We need your help to make them better.
Train the next generation…

The foundation training materials are used to train our Drupal Apprentices please sign up to find out more about this exciting initiative.
This is a great way for everyone to help our community grow – especially those who feel less skilled as coders. We need help with proofreading and testing out the materials just as much as we need experienced people to help us write and review them.

Drupal Apprenticeships

We are recruiting for London based Drupal companies at present. Oxford, Manchester & Leeds planned for early 2015. Want to run an Apprenticeship in your area?


  • Add an inexpensive, but productive resource to your team.
  • Teach someone the best way to be effective in your team, from the start.
  • Bring new perspectives and fresh ideas to your company.
  • Have a positive effect on the Drupal community, and your local community.

Find out more here &

Hedley Smith, one of the founders has written a blog post here if you'd like to find out more about our experiences

G110 · Actency
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 17:00-18:00