Trello and Drupal integration

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Let's grok the Trello API and discuss what we can do with it in Drupal.

Trello ( is a useful, everyday project management tool used by many in the Drupal community. We have a Drupal module that implements the API and makes most of Trello things available to Drupal but doesn't do much yet. This BOF we can discuss how we use Trello and what we would like to see in Trello+Drupal Integration (examples: rules integration, search, views). What's the direction for the Trello modules and how can we best move this project forward?

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Facilitated by daven, creator of the Trello module. Looking forward to hearing from others of any technical level who are interested in Trello-Drupal integration. Also hopeful to get some work done on the module during the sprints based on what we learn from this BoF.

Emerald Lounge E · Just Digital
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 14:15-15:15