Twig as input filter

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How to create custom website page on Drupal?

It's easy: just configure fields, input filters, wysiwygs, template overrides, panels, views, blocks etc; then spend some time trying to make all of these work together and you are done [if lucky].

Everyone who hates all this crap is invited!

We will talk about:

* Common problems while using Drupal built-in fields/input filters system
* Twig template engine which is used widely today for templating/formatting
* Use cases where Twig can help you a lot to build rich content for your website
* Twig module which is aimed to improve content management system in Drupal


* Using Twig as input filter and manipulating fields output with it
* Using database-stored Twig templates/macroses for easiest template editing
* Using Twig with WYSIWYG
* DEMO: How to create beautiful pages quickly using a power of Twig engine

Looking forward to see you!

G110 · Actency
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 13:00-14:00