WalkHub - guided tours distribution - update and Q&A

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We will start at 12:15 to give you time to grab your lunch first. For those that do come early I will do 1on1 demos (we can get adventurous and try WalkHub on your live site for example).

WalkHub is a Drupal project (yes it's open source) that makes it easy to record and share Walkthrough tutorials that play on top of websites (similar to the new Drupal 8 Tour feature and the "Take the tour" you've seen on Google maps, Facebook,...).

Once a community has created a basic collection of Walkthroughs for a certain type of web application, any other instance of that software (e.g. your Redmine instance) can also use that set of tutorials.

You can use for demo-ing and testing user stories, reproducing bugs, and for documentation.

In this BoF I'll do a demo the tool with a focus on the newest features and answer any questions you have about the project.

G111 · Adyax
Time slot: 
Thursday · 11:45-13:00