August 22, 2014

Trying out for DrupalCon Amsterdam

Lewis Nyman has been discussing the difficulties of being a DrupalCon track chair and how we can make it easier for session submitters to collect their speaking history using a service like or Lanyrd.

A trial page has been set up for DrupalCon Amsterdam on, you can sign up to attend and test the experience here -

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Hello, project lead of joindin here. I'm not sure what you were expecting but on joindin you need to actively claim your talks - joindin won't link anything to your profile unless you specifically ask it to. This is a deliberate choice, it's your speaker resume and you get to curate what's on it! This is especially relevant for all kinds of folk - for example minorities who might give occasionally sensitive talk topics, but who don't want to be known as "the woman who talks about diversity" or something.

Dave Reid’s picture

No idea how to claim a talk I'm giving next week. I have an account but I don't see any way to do it, and my talks aren't listed.

I definitely have liked the user experience of Lanyrd better, especially for event "discovery" since I can follow events and get notified about new events in certain topics happening in certain areas/countries/continents.

The event organiser needs to add or import the talks to their event, and you can't claim a talk that doesn't exist. I was so excited DrupalCon was using but I guess it was just too much schedule to input or something.

Definitely we want to work on things being a bit more discoverable - there's good endpoints on the API and we do have date/topic/geo information, but as yet we haven't done much with it. We're also planning a change which will distinguish between conferences and smaller, usergroup-type events which will give us more data for discoverability - all we need to do now is actually make that stuff available .... one day!