Freelancers unite! (briefly)

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Freelancers seem like a generally an independent breed mostly, but sometimes it can be useful to come together: to swap advice, experience and work opportunities; and because sometimes the cat isn't enough company to get you through the day!

Let's meet up and - at least for an hour or so - feel like a community rather than many individuals. Here's what we could do:

* Swap advice and ask questions
* Share experiences, both successes and failures
* Make social and work contacts

One great suggestion was to have a CxO-style meeting, with structured questions. What we end up doing I think depends on how many people turn up.

See you there? Leave the cat at home, though....

(No recruiters, please!)

G108 · Capgemini
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 15:45-16:45


I scheduled a BoF session on actual cooperation between freelancers in the same room at 14:15. Maybe we can cooperate on this :-)
Looking forward to see you there!

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Hey, Martin: I'm really sorry, I didn't get any notification of your comment, or I'd have definitely cooperated and maybe freed up the BoF slot.

Maybe this says something about the isolated world of freelancers, I don't know! But I hope your BoF went well.