Getting physical: using Drupal to manage the real world (loyalty cards, POS, inventory management, ERP, etc.)

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Drupal is a modular tool that can be used for more than just marketing. Integrated digital experiences enable us to go beyond what traditionally was seen as the function of a website to increase value for our customers.

Have you done any applications that manage loyalty cards, POS, inventory management, ERP, etc.? This session is an opportunity to hear about any non-traditional projects that are being done to get outside the marketing box most Drupal sites are normally stuck in.

Join this session to discuss how we can do more with Drupal to automate and integrate processes traditionally not part of a website to increase business value.

Emerald Lounge W
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 17:00-18:00


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I could not locate the BoF session room, I assume others have the same problem, so I will need to cancel the session...