June 11, 2014

We're in the final week for submitting a session for DrupalCon Amsterdam and we want to hear from you!

We've got a shiny new track this year focusing on PHP, and we're looking for great speakers that can cover topics that help Drupalists to be better PHP developers and feel more confident around new concepts and techniques that will impact our performance as developers.

Drupal 8 is will be the major topic for the Coding and Development track. But we're not only looking for Drupal or Drupal 8 content. As developers, we need to be up to date on the best practices and industry standards, so sessions on behavioral development, testing and software design, among others, will be closely considered.

Pedro Cambra, Larry Garfield and Cameron Tod will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the submission and selection processes. Do you have knowledge to share with the community? Go ahead and submit your session!