Phase2 Hack-a-Thon

Phase2 is sponsoring this year’s Hackathon at DrupalCon Amsterdam with a focus on distribution development. Ready you’re keyboards folks, Phase2 is going to rock your hacker world all Monday night to kick of DrupalCon with big hack prizes, plenty of snacks and heineken to keep the creativity and development flowing.

Drupal distributions are crucial drivers of adoption and innovation in the open source community. It is vital for development progress and growth that Drupal distributions continue to be community-driven endeavors. From Drupal core developments for Drupal 8 install profiles to Drupal App development, test your Drupal chops against other badass Drupalers by hacking on drupal distribution projects at DrupalCon Amsterdam and hack on the following categories to be eligible for prizes:

  • Drupal 8 Install Profile Development
  • Most innovative use of Apps
  • The most creative and useful Open Atrium App
  • The most creative and useful Panopoly App
  • The most creative and useful OpenPublic App

Come with a project idea in mind, and share it with the crowd to recruit collaborators for your effort. Or, join up with other Drupal contributors to find a project idea that inspires you.


Hackathon Schedule

3:00PM- 4:00PM - Introduction
4:00PM-6:00PM - Form teams and projects and hack at the conference location
6:00PM-10:00PM - Finish hack project in the Novotel Coder's Lounge
10:00PM- 11:00PM - Present your hack project and Judging

Judging Criteria

Judges include special guest judge Josh Koenig of Pantheon! Your team's submission will be weighed against the following criteria:

  • Originality / Innovation (25%)
  • Quality: everything works as explained, live demo available (25%)
  • Usability: Points for user interface design, modularity, documentation (25%)
  • Presentation: You must be able to articulate the value of your contribution via a short demo, or presentation (25%)

Bonus points:

  • 10% for Drupal Apps compatible with Open Atrium / OpenPublic / Panopoly
  • 10% for hacking on D8 issues

Prizes will be awarded for the night's Top Hacks

Since every Drupal contributor deserves to be rewarded for their efforts, we'll be offering a few random prizes throughout the day.
The top two Hacks (as decided by our judges) will get:

  • Bragging rights
  • Recognition for your efforts, and promotion on and Phase2 social media channels as well as Drupal Association social media channels.
  • Pantheon has graciously donated Bitcoin prizes for Panopoly related hacks! More prizes to be announced at the hackathon

Sign up to join us for Phase2’s Hackathon at DrupalCon Amsterdam, to meet, and to work directly with developers from the Drupal community.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!


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Monday · 15:00-18:00
G001 · Lingotek