Between structure and flexibility: Drupal for Marketers


Purchasing content management and digital experience management systems increasingly becomes the responsibility of the marketing department. The involvement of the IT department decreases.

Business and functional requirements take the upper hand over technical requirements. Marketers demand a higher degree of flexibility but they don’t want the technical complexities.

Drupal is a system which is built mainly by engineers. It has a highly technical background. Its focus lies not on usability or features for web masters, but more on technical excellence.

Implementing Drupal for marketing purposes means striking a balance between reducing technical aspects of the system and giving marketers enough flexibility to develop great digital experiences.

In this session, we will explain the shift in the decision-making process and introduce a tried-and-true way of building Drupal websites for marketing purposes. This session clarifies the ins and outs of our solution. It explains how marketers can use the system in their daily job.

Some of the items that will be discussed

  • Shift of the decision-making process to marketing
  • Working with people in multiple disciplines
  • Component based content management and page building
  • Content modelling and reuse
  • Personalisation
  • A/B testing

Attending this session is highly recommended for marketers, sales people and decision makers. Technical profiles or analysts will also be intrigued by the techniques and ideas discussed.

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Business Showcase
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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
G109 · Amplexor