Building A Tasty Backend


Drupal isn't a CMS, it's a framework and toolkit for building a CMS. Drupal doesn't know how you're going to structure your site, so how can Drupal provide a great experience for the day to day administrators of the site? You need to tell Drupal to do it! It really is that easy. Let's make that admin backend tasty. Seriously tasty.

This session will focus on providing clients/content managers, with a simplified, easy to use, no nonsense, awesome, delicious, and overall useful experience on their site. It's born of the frustration I had when originally developing with Drupal back in the day, and thinking "Wowsa, this is powerful!" Then, "Oh crap, I need to hide most of this so my tech-phobic clients can just do what they need to do. And NOT ruin the site."

Through the use of some contributed modules such as views bulk operations, contextual administration and field group, some menu tweaks, combined with a small rethinking of Drupal's add content forms, we'll delve into making Drupal easy for your clients, so you can just focus on the fun stuff, shorten your training time, and stop fielding support requests.

There is also a new Tasty Backend install profile currently in development! We'll go over how to use that during the session and hopefully by the start of DrupalCon I'll have a full release available on

Some technical aspects of this session will be primarily focussed on Drupal 7, but we'll also look into how we can best utilise the new features of Drupal 8 to customise our admin experience. A Tasty Backend install profile for Drupal 8 may also be included or hopefully ready by DrupalCon.

A customised Drupal backend is a happy backend, and who doesn't want a happy backend?

Download the Tasty Backend session slides.

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Site Building
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Drupal 7.x
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Wednesday ยท 13:00-14:00
G102 ยท Exove