The Case (or not) for PostgreSQL


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PostgreSQL is an open-source database, which implements ANSI SQL standards closely. As a community, we support running Drupal on PostgreSQL. Over the past several years I made a commitment to try my best to learn PostgreSQL as a MySQL user in contrib.

However all is not well.

The pgsql (and sqlite) database driver support has always been spotty in core and contrib. The majority of Drupal web sites are run off the mysql driver, and many do not see the need to maintain support for alternative databases which implement SQL (or nosql).

I will talk about and show the state of the pgsql driver including:

  1. What it would take to move pgsql out of core and what are the implications for the future of Drupal;
  2. Or what it would take to maintain pgsql in Drupal 8 and beyond including mention of current issues and initiatives such as the testbot improvements;


Drupal 8 is evolving and decisions are made every week. If as a community we move forward with pgsql, this session will still be relevant although the session description will be updated to reflect changes in topic or direction.

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Core Conversations
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Drupal 8.x
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Tuesday · 17:00-18:00
G107 · Pantheon