Constructive Conflict Resolution


Conflict can be constructive.

Testing ideas by challenging them with alternatives is a useful process. But it can be uncomfortable and confronting for many people.

We value consensus. This is one of the Drupal community's great strengths. However, when consensus can't be reached, valuable time and energy is wasted. Contributions are left to languish forgotten in an issue queue.

This session will outline the types of conflict we encounter in the Drupal community, and explore some techniques for using conflict as a positive force for moving issues forward and avoiding stagnation.

Let's discuss how we can build a culture of respect to embrace the positive aspects of conflict and work together better.

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Core Conversations
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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
G107 · Pantheon


adshill’s picture

I think this is especially relevant of late and would be an excellent addition to the schedule.

kattekrab’s picture

Thanks Adam. I'm honoured this session was accepted intp the schedule.

I'm now busy working on the talk portion of the session. But as a core conversation, it's also about inviting discussion.

I'd like to get the conversation started. I've been tweeting a few things... if you ended up here after following a tweet, please share your thoughts!