Drupal 8: The Crash Course


One of the most widely-used and mature Content Management Systems on the planet, Drupal runs more than one in fifty websites in the world. However, it has always been something of an odd duck, with an architecture and design very different than anything else in PHP.

Enter Drupal 8: Almost a complete rewrite under the hood, Drupal 8 is a modern, PHP 5.4-boasting, REST-capable, object-oriented powerhouse. Now leveraging 3rd party components from no less than 9 different projects, Drupal 8 aims to be the premiere Content Management Platform for PHP.

But how do you use all this new-fangled stuff? This session will provide a walkthrough of Drupal's key systems and APIs, intended to give developers a taste of what building modules with Drupal 8 will be like.

Prior familiarity with Drupal 7 is helpful but will not be assumed.

Slides here: http://www.palantir.net/presentations/dcamsterdam2014-d8-crash-course/

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Coding and Development
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 8.x
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
Auditorium · Wunderkraut


I have been doing Java development for over 14 years now. Using all kinds of framworks and Java technology stacks like servlets, JSP/JSF, Spring etc. I can now see a lot of ideas and implementations here at the Drupal 8 ecosystem. I am now feeling very motivated to learn and eventually contribute to these components, share the word about it. Keep up the good work.