Drupal 8 Media

Every keynote by Dries, and every time a new version of Drupal core is released, one of the biggest features asked for in Drupal 8 is better media handling. There are currently a wide selection of media management solutions for Drupal 7: media, scald, asset, mediabox and more, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

At DrupalCon Prague, the first steps were done towards a unified media solution for Drupal 8 using media entities, while the File Entity and Media maintainers wanted to continue extending core's file entities. At NYCCamp the different teams came together to agree on a common solution forward. This session is the occasion to present our progress so far.

There is also quite a lot of organizational and political questions related to this field and we'll try to present some of those also, including:

  • Why disagreeing on what entity type to use benefits the solution for end users
  • The challenges that we foresee when porting and revamping these modules
  • Where help is necessary still in Drupal 8 to meet those challenges
  • A call to action to help contribute at the code sprint!

Things we'd like to discuss with the D8 core and contrib developers:

  • How can we solve contrib library dependencies? We're using Composer for Drupal Core but we also include all of our external libraries in Core itself. Should contrib do the same?
  • What, if anything should we propose to improve the media handling support for Drupal 8 core before release? What could we include in the 8.x minor releases? What needs to wait for Drupal 9?
  • What needs have we not considered or need to meet?
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Core Conversations
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Drupal 8.x
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Tuesday · 15:45-16:45
G107 · Pantheon