Drupal 8: Undercover Initiatives


Drupal 8 core initiatives introduced a new methodology for Drupal core development, they've helped to focus contributions and efforts very effectively towards the main objectives of the release. All these initiatives, "Views in core", "Multilingual", "Configuration management", "Web services", "Blocks & layouts" and "Mobile" have accomplished really important milestones, key for an innovative and powerful Drupal 8 version.

However, there's a number of other efforts behind the scenes that have brought major changes to Drupal 8.
This session will cover the most important changes that are not necessarily covered by any initiative but the community has made possible. Some of these changes include the way that menus work, field and entity api changes, actions, modules that have made it into core, features removed, etc.

Join me in this talk to take a look to the most relevant changes coming from these often overlooked initiatives that will change the way we face projects in Drupal 8.

This session is intended to site builders and coders willing to know what's going on under the hood of Drupal 8 and get a better understanding on all the changes that are coming.

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Coding and Development
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Drupal 8.x
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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00
G102 · Exove


It would be helpful is this session described what it was about. The current description details what it is NOT about.

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This session was in DrupalCamp London this year. It walks through things that are not often mentioned, but are great additions (or subtractions) from Drupal Core in 8th version. Such as what modules were removed or added to core and why, how configuration has changed, how plugin system works etc.

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Hi Moshe,

Thanks for your comment, I hadn't seen it until now. I've completed the description with more detailed information but as @skein mentions, it will offer an overview of all those major changes in Drupal 8 that may not belong to an initiative but are still highly relevant. Examples of this include a review on module additions, feature removals such as the module uninstall, changes in the menu system, field and entity api and a lot more :)

Hope this answers the question!