GitHub Pull Request Builder for Drupal


At Lullabot we built a system that, given a Pull Request in Github for a Drupal project, it clones the project and posts a message in the Pull Request discussion with a link to a testing environment and another link to tear it down.

Over time, this system has become a core tool of our workflow. Having an isolated environment to test a new feature before it becomes part of the main branch is really helpful for the team for peer reviewing and for the client for doing Quality Assurance.

In this session we will start by outlining how the system works on a sample ticket for a Drupal project, and then jump into its internals to see how it integrates with Github and Jenkins.

Session slides
Session slides (PDF)

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If you would like to go ahead and jump into the code right away, here is the repository. There is also session at Drupalcon Austin about the new version of this system.

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Wednesday · 13:00-14:00
G106 · Commerce Guys