How to Sell Agile


Agile is not a new thing, everybody and their mom has heard about agile projects. Most people also know about the business benefits of agile. Agile practises are spreading like wildfire in the corporate world, companies are discovering considerable business benefits from agile adoption. At the same time too many Drupal companies are making excuses for why waterfall or fake agile *LINK* is the way to go simply because they have failed to sell or adopt agile.

Wunderkraut was born agile. We've never done anything else and we do exclusively agile projects. At the same time most of our new customers are not all that familiar with agile. Selling agile for non-agile customers is an art form that very few people master. After doing it for living for longer than Wunderkraut has existed I'm ready to make the bold claim of being an expert on the topic.

My goal for this session
To help Drupal vendors move to agile, for real this time. As the CEO of Wunderkraut and a director for the Drupal Association I do my best to help Drupal grow. Personally I see improving the business of all Drupal vendors as a very good way to do this.

What will you get from attending
You'll hear some of the not-so-well guarded business secrets of the largest Drupal services provider in Europe. Just don't expect to get a silver bullet from this session, this stuff is really hard. The session will however provide you with a starting point and a direction for becoming really efficient on selling agile.

Caution: This is the very first time I'm presenting this session. As for anything software related, the initial launch is likely to have some bugs in it. Consider yourself warned, if you attend you'll be a beta tester for this session.

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Drupal Business
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Tuesday · 17:00-18:00
G106 · Commerce Guys