Leaping the Hurdles to Growing your Drupal agency


How to grow from a creative founder to corporate leader

The average Drupal agency has about 15 maybe 18 employees. Often there is the desire to grow the agency but the owner fails to grow past this threshold. Why is there an invisible threshold at 18? What does it take to grow past the 18 marker. Why do many agencies fail and start firing people when they reach 25 employees and turn their agency in a negative spin back to 12 employees. These hurdles can be overcome with the right knowledge and skill set.

This session will give insights in how to leap the hurdles and grow your Drupal agency. It will give insights in the management and people skills needed to grow from a creative founder into a corporate leader. It will also highlight the human resource side of growth, the sales skills needed and the financial impact of growth.

Michel van Velde, founder and co-owner of One Shoe will explain what is necessary to grow from a creative founder to a corporate leader and will take you past all the pitfalls he encountered growing his agency to an internationals player with over 40 employees without any external funding.

Business Track BoF: Growing Drupal Businesses: A follow up discussion to this and Life in the Fast Lane - Achieving Sustainable Growth has been scheduled on Tuesday from 15:45-16:45 in G111 · Adyax.

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Drupal Business
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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
G106 · Commerce Guys