Life in the Fast Lane - Achieving Sustainable Growth

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About this session

Do you run a Drupal business? Have you ever suffered growing pains as you scale to meet with demand? Ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at a thriving larger agency? If so this session is just the thing for you!

Join business leaders from 4 of the world's most accomplished Drupal businesses, lifting the hood on their organisations, revealing their winning formulae. Each panellist will be quizzed as to how they have primed their business to achieve sustainable growth, how they have triumphed in highly competitive markets.

Operating across multiple continents in various sectors you can be assured this panel conversation, chaired by Janne Kalliola, will provide relevant and valuable takeaways. With such diverse backgrounds, expect healthy debate and contrasting thought provoking opinions.

With the fast approaching release of Drupal 8 there’s never been a better time to prepare your business for a new golden age.

Chair person: Janne Kalliola - Exove


Key topics will include: 

  • How do you differentiate your business in the market?
  • Are you sure you WANT to grow a large organisation?
  • To service larger clients what specialisms have you needed to deliver in house?
  • How does your business plan to sustain growth? i.e VC, Acquisition, JV
  • What is the most challenging aspect of delivering larger projects?
  • How do you mitigate risk?
  • What is the biggest challenge your business foresees?
  • How should large Drupal shops contribute to the sustainability of the project?

Business Track BoF: Growing Drupal Businesses: A follow up discussion to this and Leaping the Hurdles to Growing your Drupal agency has been scheduled on Tuesday from 15:45-16:45 in G111 · Adyax.

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Drupal Business
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Tuesday · 14:15-15:15
G103 · Rackspace


Looks like a great session. It would be really great if there would be BOFs scheduled after so the people attending could discuss together what they've taken away from this.

pdjohnson’s picture

Yes, that's a great idea. Between the panelist there is a wealth of knowledge to tap into. That's a certainty.



dougvann’s picture

Thanks SO MUCH for proposing this! Code is code, but business is business & this could easily be the anchor on the Drupal Business Track! Who better to deliver this business message than the panel listed above? This is yet another sign of the steady maturing of our community events.

This is THE SESSION to be in if you want to share a room with some of the powerhouses of "Drupal Business." This panel discussion will surely be picked and it will need to be placed in one of the larger rooms for sure.

Having attended 41 Camps and 7 Cons across 7 years I have found that these Business oriented Panel Discussions provide some of the best impromptu takeaways from any event. This is a real life, real time conversation by real people who will cover important topics that have lasting value to not just Drupal related business owners, but Drupal stakeholders across the board.

If I don't make it out to Amsterdam, this will be among the 1st videos I will be looking for!

- DV

We manage the smaller clients in the SMB sector, but each project seems to be that little bit bigger than the last one. To the point at which I've started waking up in a cold sweat, and thinking "What if, and what about, how are we going to?"
It would be really beneficial to me, and our company, to attend a panel discussion like this, because I'm sure all these leading luminaries have cut their teeth on all the same issues we are facing now. Getting some insight into big and busy agencies, and tips on avoiding some crisis management pitfalls, (that we sometimes find ourselves in) would be valuable to most agencies in general, and us in particular.

dougvann’s picture

I knew I wasn't the only one waking up at night thinking about important decisions and stressing over scaling to meet demand!
You gave me an idea..
Assuming this makes it to the schedule, we should schedule a BOF to follow right after it so that we can process the panel discussion.
If any panel members were available to join, that would be a bonus, but even if it's just some of the attendees, we could really benefit from sharing our reactions to the session and sharing our stories.

Man! This is exciting! :-)