Making Customers Successful


A site can launch months late and the customer considers it a success and you are the hero. A site can launch on time, and the client's first order of business is to replace your company. The needs and expectations of a client don't always turn out to be what you think. What matters the most, and how can you cultivate a positive and productive relationship with your clients for years?

There are many approaches to customer success management, some of which have been around since the dawn of the merchant class, and others which are rapidly evolving in the relatively new field of Customer Success Management. This session will explore:

1. What is success for your customer?
2. How your sales process, software development methodology,and internal culture affect success
3. Customer expectations: setting them, meeting them, and handling inevitable gaps
4. How to emerge from difficult conversations with a stronger bond
5. Onboarding, Training, Support: How to excel at them
6. Building an empathetic staff
7. Quantifying success via Key Performance Indicators: NPS, CSAT, Survey Results

Scott Massey is Customer Success Manager at Pantheon, a platform for Wordpress and Drupal, and helps customers get every last bit of value out of the platform. This involves direct contact with Enterprise customer and partner development shops, online and in person training, support, and helping to make the platform do what the customer needs.

He is been a support manager, project manager, sys admin, and site builder inside and outside the Drupal world. He has been trained in verbal defense and influence, is a certified scrum master and is active in the San Francisco Customer Success community.

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Drupal Business
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Thursday · 13:00-14:00
G102 · Exove