Models & Service Layers; Hemoglobin & Hobgoblins


Models, sure. That’s all part of MVC. Those are the objects that hold your business logic. Except…do they really? In PHP, the norm is to have an anemic domain model. Even if you want to move away from that (whatever it is), how do you do it? In this talk, we’ll look at different schools of thought for managing your code’s truly important parts and the impact on related areas like testing or form libraries. We'll also discuss making your framework unimportant and integrating different systems, no matter what they're written in.

From plain models to service layers, DDD to CQRS, we’ll try to apply them to an average application using PHP libraries and see where they stand up or fall down. There’s no magic elixar for designing good models but sometimes all you need is a little iron in your diet.

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New: PHP
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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00
G104 · Amazee Labs