Panels, Display Suite, and Context - oh my! What to use when, why, and how


Drupal has a whole ecosystem of modules to help you with layout. Which one do you use? There are Display Suite die-hards, Context converts, Panels proselytizers, and even people who swear by Core's built in template/block system. Who's right? Which layout system should YOU use?

In this session you'll learn that the answer is "all of the above". Each layout system has unique strengths and weaknesses; you'll learn to combine them to maximize those strengths! We will discuss and demonstrate the three major approaches, highlighting the best use cases for each and ways they can be combined. We will cover extensions to each module such as Panelizer and Field Group, and when those can be helpful as well. Finally we will review some case studies where a combined approach has improved maintainability while reducing setup time.

You will leave this session with an in-depth understanding of major layout concepts in Drupal, and with some practical experience in combining them for optimum effect. Why restrict yourself to one layout system when you can use them all!

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Site Building
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Drupal 7.x
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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
Emerald · Acquia