Render Caching in Drupal 7 and 8

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Speed Up your site!

Render Caching has been there in Drupal since Drupal 7, but never before Drupal 8 and the render_cache module for Drupal 7 has it been so simple to have a fast website with automatic content expiration. With render_cache it will be possible to really just rebuild the parts of the site that have changed, which will make even authenticated user pages very fast.

These three simple steps will make you wonder!

Come to this session and see how in Drupal 8 _and_ 7 with these three simple steps you can have a flat belly ... uhm, a fast website and never worry again about content expiration.

Block Cache in D7? Forget it and meet render cache the new tool that will blow your mind and can be applied already now for your D7 sites. What are you waiting for? (

Get inspired and do it yourself!

The session will cover:

  • Cache Tags - Why they are totally awesome (and D8 only).
  • Cache Hashes and Cache revalidation - Another approach that can be used in D7 now.
  • Drupal 8 will be fast out of the box, but learn how to tweak it more to your needs.
  • Render Caching and possible pitfalls (#attached I am looking at you)
  • Control, control - I want all control over my caching. Changing cache tags in D8 and total control already now in D7.
  • Recursive Render Caching - How that can make page load times of just a bootstrap
    (no not even a bootstrap possible - directly from NGINX!)

After this session you will ask yourself:

Why did I not do this already since the start of Drupal 7?

And then you'll probably head and download either Drupal 8 or just implement render_cache on your D7 site right out of the box for your entities and your blocks placed by context.

And we'll have fun!

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Coding and Development
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Drupal 8.x
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Wednesday · 10:45-11:45
Emerald · Acquia