State of Drupal DevOps


The State of Drupal DevOps was first given by Kris Buytaert at the 2011 Munich Drupalcon. The data has been captured and extended to help the Drupal community understand DevOps and track the impact it is having. It is useful to understand where the community has come from to be able to target and adjust where we are going. We would like to keep collecting and exposing this data in an open format. The survey will be opened again for Drupalcon Amsterdam

DevOps is a cultural conversation supported by technology. It is ambiguous and hard to define, but this has not stopped it from becoming the Golden Chalice for all things tech. For executives, it has become the ticket that solves their internal software management issues while keeping harmony between Stakeholder, Product, Sales, QA and Engineering. For developers, it gives them control of systems and better methods for integrating their work while protecting them from disgruntled decision makers. It gives operations the consistency and predictability to be able to support their systems while the rest of the organization makes decision after decision that affects them. What does this mean to the Drupal community and how can we learn from the data?

This session will help us understand what DevOps is and how it relates to the projects, management styles, and systems that our work touches. Armed with this knowledge, we will evaluate Drupal as a community to identify what is working, and what is not. We will address the fragmentation in this space and encourage a conversation that helps us move forward as a community. DevOps, when applied correctly, allows people to shift their focus from the technical challenge of delivering their message to the message itself. This is an important paradigm shift with profound implications ... let's discuss.

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Tuesday · 10:45-11:45
G102 · Exove


Sounds like an interesting DevOps birds-eye-view.

Small typo on line 1 of the description. Wasn't Drupalcon Munich in 2012? ;)