The State of the Front End


Innovations in front end practices and technology continue to push our industry forward. While Drupal approaches a significant milestone with the impending release of D8, let's take a moment to survey the current landscape of front end practice and consider what it means to be a front end person in general, a front ender working with Drupal, and what it means to straddle these two worlds which are increasingly moving in different directions, at different speeds.

This session will cover:
- What is the new normal for the front end? What is our baseline for technology, for skill, for practice?
- Where is innovation coming from, and how can we best co-opt it for our use?
- How will front end practice, as far as we can see, going to evolve moving forward?

This is a continuation of our presentation at Drupal Austin, "My Brain is Full", which can be summarized thusly:

"From a not-so-distant past where the role of the Front-ender was essentially PSD=>HTML, front-end practice has evolved to establish itself as more than the equal of back-end, with its own robust and essential set of skills, practices, and stack of tools. Moreover, over the course of Drupal 7's existence, front-end has evolved so dramatically and quickly that an entire new universe of practice has emerged while Drupal itself has remained relatively unchanged. From design frameworks to decoupled MVC frameworks, it is the front-end that is driving innovation in Drupal and the web in general."

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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00
Auditorium · Wunderkraut