API Hub: Integrate all the things

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There's plenty of modules that integrate with a single 3rd party API, but few and far between that deal with multiple APIs, and especially those that do it in a generic approach.

API Hub strives to solve this issue, making a fully features exportable, generic approach to dealing with any third-party API, integrating said APIs with other modules such as Rules and Views for easy and flexible use in any way desired.

The module exists in an Alpha state on Github for Drupal 7, but it needs to move forward and get on the Drupal 8 train ASAP, so this BoF will be about demonstrating the module and discussing where to go next, and hopefully build some momentum.

Checkout https://github.com/Realityloop/apihub for the current code.

G108 · Capgemini
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 10:45-11:45