Drupal 8 Console module, bringing the Symfony Console Component to Drupal 8

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Discuss the current state of bringing the Symfony Console Component to Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 Console it is an effort to bring the The Console Component to Drupal 8.

  • What is this initiative about.
  • Current status of the project and what to expect the road-map.
  • Current commands and generators.
  • What is out of the box and how to extend it.
  • Walkthrough of the project architecture.
  • How to get involved.

The main goal of this BOF is to spread the word about the project and promote the discussion about how to get involved in contributing to this project, propose improvements and nice to have features to the road map.

NOTE: I borrow the following paragraph from @webchick similar type of session about the Drupal Module Upgrader

In deference to the BoF guidelines, this is *not* a product pitch. The tool is freely available GPL code. The intent is to radically increase the velocity of module porters, thus ensuring a better successful Drupal 8 launch, but this requires wide-spread community awareness and involvement for that to happen.

G111 · Adyax
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Wednesday · 17:00-18:00