Taking a leap of faith or methodic progression - taking those progressive business decisions

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This session is about change management and getting things done.

So there's lots of talk of introducing more professional workflows, devops into your organisation or perhaps you'd like to experiment with remote working and increased self management but how.

Perhaps you're in the early stages of running your team, your business or building a department and can pivot more easily. What about if you have a good, effective model in place already, is it worth shaking things ups?

Lets get together and discuss methods and approaching for introducing change and new ideas to help improve ourselves, our organisations and our clients' benefits.

This session is for:

People running an organisation or team and are wondering how to implement some of the whizzy new ideas they've been hearing about.

It would be a good follow on from sessions like:

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Emerald Lounge W
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 11:45-13:00