September 29, 2014

Looking Back on Monday in Amsterdam

We’re kicking off DrupalCon Amsterdam this evening, and our day of training and summits has been a huge success. At registration, over 900 badges were picked up, and this evening, the exhibit hall's opening reception promises to be a great bash.

We had more than 150 attendees show up for training, while the community summit and business summit both drew over 115 attendees apiece. The rockstars in our community also built some fantastic DrupalCon apps:

Remember that the fun starts tomorrow bright and early! The Prenote will kick off the day of sessions & more at 8:00 - we recommend showing up to the Prenote to get a great seat for Dries’ keynote. (Plus, it’s fun!)

We hope you have a great time here in Amsterdam, and we’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.