May 23, 2014

Call for Site Building Sessions

The Drupal 8 release is getting closer, and with it we keep hearing more and more questions about it. Share your Drupal 8 knowledge with the world at DrupalCon Amsterdam: the Site Building Track Team is calling for sessions, and we want YOU to help us out.

We are looking for proposals of sessions focused on Drupal 8. Our goal is to get everybody updated on the current status of Contrib Module 8 Status. There will even be a special two hour session which will allow Drupal 8 Module Maintainers to give a short update about the status of their modules.

If you're interested in giving a 12 minute session about your module, talk to Schnitzel or post it as a comment here.

As we all know, DrupalCon is about more than just Drupal 8, so let’s not forget Drupal 7 and 6! With Site Building we can achieve and build great sites without needing to code-- and since there are a lot of ways to reach a goal, let’s share the knowledge, and teach each other how to achieve great things. Are you using a module in really cool ways? With real life examples? Propose a session!

A special focus will also be set on layout modules. There are a lot of modules which allow us to position content on a Drupal Page. Let’s compare and analyze them, so everyone will know what each module is for and can decide for what to use them. Are you proficient with a layout module? We love to hear about it!

Submit a Session

The DrupalCon Amsterdam Site Building Track Team
Michael Schmid (Schnitzel), Amazee Labs
Ivo Van Geertruyen (mr.baileys), One Agency


mori’s picture

I could & would love to do a session about "How it is and how it should be" more as a discussion base what´s still to improve in the current D7 & D8.

I´m currently unfortunately checking out WP & a special Theme with an awesome Layoutbuilder cause clients budget, time nor my skills can let happen this with Drupal.