Drupal 8 Contrib Module Update

Drupal 8 is on its way and you are a maintainer of one of the most used Drupal module. In the Site Building track we plan to organize a "Drupal 8 Contrib Module Status Session", which gives all the maintainers of famous module a possibility to tell everybody about their status of the Module.

This session will take 2 1/4h and will include 12 minute sessions of all the maintainers. Where every maintainer will present the status of their module for Drupal 8 in the same way (plans and changes for D8, current status, help & possibilities to contribute). The idea is to give site builders a concentrated overview of the status for the most important modules they need to build Drupal 8 sites.

These Modules will be presented:

  • Webform (by quicksketch)
  • Rules (by dasjo)
  • Display Suite (by aspilicious)
  • Media (by daveried/slashrsm)
  • Search API (by drunken monkey)
  • Commerce (by bojanz)
  • Redirect, Global Redirect, Token, Pathauto (by berdir)
  • Panels (by japerry)
  • Simplenews (by miro_dietiker/ifux)
Schedule info
Site Building
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 8.x
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 14:15-15:15
Auditorium · Wunderkraut