Drupal 8 multilingual hands-on

Post-session instructions

Watch the session video above! To follow the steps locally, use Drupal 8 beta1 (or later) and use our extremely detailed step by step guide. To try out the end result of the lab with some minor theming and some sample content, launch a sandbox of our Drupal 8 distribution made specifically for this lab.

Original session description

Over a thousand people participated in the issues around improving multilingual features and APIs in Drupal 8 for the past three years. There are around a thousand issues, most of which are resolved in this initiative as of this submission making Drupal 8 a truly outstanding release for everybody looking to create even single language non-English sites but especially those making multilingual sites. Although there will surely be contributed modules useful to round out multilingual sites in Drupal 8, there is support for way more than there was in Drupal 7 core and even if you add in all available contributed modules - and with less code and more unified approaches.

This lab aims to provide a hands-on way showing you around all the great improvements and gives tips as to how to best utilise the new solutions. We will also talk about where contributed modules will still be needed.

The ideal attendee at this session has some experience in Drupal 6 or 7 foreign language and/or multilingual site building, however those who have no experience in foreign/multilingual site building will also get a lot out of it.

Want to be involved in this project? See http://hojtsy.hu/multilingual-drupal8 for an article series on the details on what we accomplished. http://www.drupal8multilingual.org/ is our initiative home and we have meetings every Wednesday to discuss and move current efforts forward (see times on the front page). We also have one of the biggest sprints at and before/after DrupalCon.

Ps. its not evident from this entry, but the lab actually runs until 6pm (see https://amsterdam2014.drupal.org/session/drupal-8-multilingual-hands-con... for the other scheduled session that follows this one and blocks out that time in the schedule).

Schedule info
Site Building
Experience level: 
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 8.x
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Wednesday · 15:45-16:45
G103 · Rackspace


This one is a must have. Multilingual should be "baked" enough (looking at you menus!) by Amsterdam that this will be an enjoyable and educational session... especially for anyone who's worked with multilingual in previous versions of Drupal. I like that it is a lab session so everyone can build a little multilingual site of their own. Hope this gets picked!