Recognising achievements and contributions with Open Badges


Learning is something that we all do; every day of our lives. The things we learn from, and the organisations that validate our learning and recognise our other contributions, are as diverse as the lives we lead.

As people's careers and experiences become more diverse over time, there is a growing desire to collate evidence of achievements and contributions in one place.

I've recently been working on a project where we have implemented Mozilla Open Badges (@openbadges) into a website providing Continuing Professional Development in pain management for Health Professionals.

I'll look at learning in general, how we came to use Open Badges as an evidence option (and why it is just an option), the technology decisions made and the lessons we learned along the way.

Finally, I'll discuss why I think something similar is important to the Drupal community, especially as now some major Drupal companies are offering certification that I believe should actually appear on our profiles, and how I would like to get involved in making it happen.

Having behave as both an Open Badges issuer and a displayer allows us to recognise the myriad ways people contribute to the Drupal Community and allows other Drupal-related organisations, such as DrupalCamps, to show recognition to the community right on members' profile pages.

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Drupal 7.x
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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00
G107 · Pantheon