Your SaaS Business-in-a-Box

You build great Drupal websites. You craft valuable modules or distributions or themes. You pour your heart and soul into open source. Where’s your return on investment? How can you benefit from software industry economies of scale? How do you turn your Module / Theme / Distribution into a Software-as-a-Service product? How is it operated and supported? And how do you market it, promote it, and find the right audience?

Karen Borchert and Robert Douglass are Product Owners of the two most successful Drupal distributions: Open Atrium and Commerce Kickstart. Together they’ve prototyped a repeatable recipe for taking your software and expertise to the next step, while supporting the Drupal project and playing in the spirit of open source.

We’ll present an original prototyped, complete end-to-end solution, immediately useful to any individual or company who has amassed expertise, designed and built great websites, or coded spectacular modules. You’ll leave this session planning your next business venture, Drupal-style.

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Drupal Business
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Thursday · 14:15-15:15
G102 · Exove


The question of whether developing their SaaS on an open source platform might ultimately reduce the value of the business has come up with several clients. I will be interested to hear of some Drupal based SaaS success stories and ideas.