COD: Effectively Powering Conferences with Drupal

Many people in the Drupal community have some familiarity with COD, the Conference Organizing Distribution, due to its long history in powering regional Drupal event sites. Development of COD has recently seen a resurgence in resources and has expanded the power and usefulness of COD beyond the Drupal community.

In this case study, we’ll feature LinuxFest Northwest, the premier Linux event for the Pacific Northwest United States and Western Canada which draws over 1500 attendees every April. We’ll cover many of LinuxFest’s requirements including session submission, scheduling, ticketing/registration, and sponsorships; and how COD has effectively addressed those needs. Then we’ll focus on some key areas where Drupal’s flexibility has allowed LinuxFest to scale efficiently to handle its growing number of attendees, including a registration check-in system, badge label and barcode printing, digital signage, and RESTFUL endpoints for 3rd party mobile applications.

We’ll conclude by highlighting some of the recent COD developments and how COD can be used to help any organization with event management needs.

About the Presenters:
Jakob Perry and Emilie Nouveau are organizers at LinuxFest Northwest, and contribute to COD. Jason Yee is also a contributor to COD and created the Ticketing system.

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Drupal 7.x
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Tuesday · 17:00-18:00
G103 · Rackspace